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Yeah.........I don't know what to put here right now...so it's blank

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Why haven't i updated in 3.5 months....laziness/ADD

happy Chris?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Exchange Student Aftermath

TV Show:Sportsnet News
Talking To:Lance

So if you haven't already heard...the exchange I was supposed to be accepting cancelled, I haven't gotten a reason for this yet, but I'll talk with Mr.Coffin about that tommorow. In the mean time there are 2 major outcomes 1) I'm hanging out with another host and his students a bit, just so I get to know these kids and 2) I have about 600$ extra...which I'm gonna buy a cell phone with. Im getting paid this Friday, so I'll go early before Kill Bill and pick up my cell phone and sign up for my plan and such. Not sure if I'm gonna go pre-paid or a plan.

This weeks looking....I don't know...the weekend is gonna be amazing. Going to watch Kill Bill Vol 2 on Friday. I'm looking forward to it alot because it was such an amazing movie and Uma is pretty hot. Saturday will prolly just be video games all day...maybe catch up on social homework then Sunday, BACKLASH...it wil probably be the highlight of at least the next couple months. Not only is the this first live event I have seen, it's a pay-per-view so it's gonna be really high quality and such. Got nothing really to do during the week but oh well...this week is for chillaxing...but I'm off to bed now...Later yall

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

That's right

You are 14% geek
OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutiae. God, I hate you.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

Sounds pretty accurate...but I though I would be a bit more of a geek

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

DDR Hotness

Talking To:No one
V Show:Spounge Bob

So yeah...last night Brenna, Chris and I went to West Ed. First we played a game of Mini Golf at Putting Edge. Chris ended up at +12, Brenna at +7, me at -2. We all know who the best at puting is...not that this fact will have any relevance to any event in the future....just nice to know. So after that we wandered over to playdium and played some games. We went up to the DDR machine and as usual there was a group of people (3 to be exact) who were absolutely sick at DDR. The one guy had a 800+ combo on oni mode...he lost it on afranova. So they let us on for a round...and we did OK on the first song...but lost on the second song so we left and played some other games. I beat Chris at kick it....y last goal was scored using the outside of my foot, Chris didn't like that very much. Then Chris beat me at air hockey. The Chris beat me and Bren at Indy. So after this we decided to head back up to the DDR machine, and only the girl from the group of 3 was still there, but she was still going as pretty much as hard as before. So after she finished her set she let me and chris play again for a round. This time we decided that it was time to trick instead of play hard, except Chris played hard on the last song. Now to the title, after we had left the mall and were in the car, me and chris got into a discussion on how the fact that the girl can go that long on DDR makes her that much hotter ( I thought she was pretty good looking to start off). After all that we just went home...and I went to bed.

Today I work at 245....so I'll prolly get my social and bio done before then, at least one of the 2 done...might save the other for after. I should really play some MGS as well, cuz I need to beat it quickly so i can devote my time to harvest moon, which comes out on Monday...but I won't be able to get until Tuesday...stupid work. The work also prevents me from studying for social and math 31, not that I really need to...but I'm off

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Thursday, March 18, 2004


Talking To:Tedi
TV Show:That 70's Show

So I ended up getting a $0.50 raise on my paycheck today...which was unexpected. The way all the reviews went on the weekend I figured everybody didn't get a raise, but as far as I have seen...just the people who got reviewed on the weekend didn't get raises....them and caroline. I'm happy, it'll really help for the exchange student...and buying random things. Sorry Chris...but seeing as the only difference between you and me at work is you wear glasses and i have black pants...I'm pretty sure you got a raise as well.

School is going really good right about now...well....I'll confirm that after my applications of derivates exam in Math 31 tommorow. I don't think I'll too bad...but I doubt I'll repeat the 96 I got on the limits final. The japanese oral exam I had today went swimingly, he said I did better than the last exam, so that means 70+%. Social is well....social...me and Lance were tied at the last mark sheet...but I'm ahead of him now *flexes social muscle*. But seeing as Lance seems to know very little, it's still really awesome he's in the top 3 * Thumbs Up* Bio is hideously stale...nothing else to it...notes...movie....notes....movie...Mr.Thorne yellling....notes....movie.

I went and bought Dr.Mario tonight...cuz EB didn't have the Ninja Turtles game they had last time...still really happy I bought it. I'll prolly play a bit tommorow. By the way, Vance, hoping you read this, I need to know when/if you guys are going to see screech at Yuk Yuk's. And if I'm not going...anybody who is reading this that is free tommorow night, call/message me....I want to go do something

//Brock::8:57 PM\\

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bad Parties

Talking To:Thin Air
TV Show:TV Guide Channel

So I went to a shindig at Dan's last night, and I would have had a good time if James Wade hadn't of been there. So I've constructed a new rule for apatries at Dan's: I phone his house before I come, and ask if James is there. If James is there I won't show up. I think this is a good rule....and I think Mason would follow this rule as well.

Now on to work. Reviews are being held this weekend, and they are making so many people angry. 2 cashiers actually left their reviews crying. Mr.A really doesn't have a very good idea how to make people like him. I'll more than likely have my own review today, and I'd love nothing more to tell him and carolina off, and if they make me mad, I think I'll try to have a little convo with the both of them telling them my views on how they run the store. At this point, I think they need some people to tell them off. I would like to see how a sobey's person would like to see the manager of the store leaving people in tears. I don't think that Sobey's is a bad company. I think the problem is the stick that seems to be newly stuck up Mr.A 's rear end and consequently Carolina's as well.

I bought MGS: The Twin Snakes on Friday, and it's soo much fun ^_^. The movies are like the greatest movies I've seen. The first Snake/Ninja meating is the coolest thing ever. I sold my copy of Phantasy Star to Tyler at work so i can go and pick up Harvest Moon this week. Which in turn means I need to beat MGS as soon as possible.

//Brock::9:23 AM\\


Piercing Accesory Business with Justin from Work (like sunglasses you stick through a piercing)


ONce again...I'll find something to put here later


name:Brock Paron Ciochetti
alias:Riuujin, B to the Rizock
a/s/l: 18/M/Alberta, Canada
hobbies:Anime, Gaming, TV Shows, Painting, Stikfas
music:Techno (Internet radio is awesome)
movies:Anything really
books:Don't really read...but I guess Manga are like books...with pictures
dislikes:Ummmm...I don't like....eggs......


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